Suzhou Jianxing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional coating resin supplier and solution provider. Since its establishment, the company has focused on its own product research and development, marketing, technical support and after-sales service.

The main products of the company include: hydroxyl acrylic resin (AA series), thermosetting acrylic resin (AB series), thermoplastic acrylic resin (AC series), alkyd resin (KC series), polyester resin (PA, PB series), UV resin, water-based dispersion, etc.

The company's various resin products are mainly used in: original automobile paint, auto parts paint, auto repair paint, rail transit paint, bus paint, engineering machinery paint, Marine anticorrosive paint, steel structure anticorrosive paint, Marine platform and ship anticorrosive paint, etc. Our main customers include international well-known enterprises Akzo, Nippon, Jotun, Valspar, Lankwitzer, BASF, etc., as well as many domestic well-known enterprises including Shanghai Donglai, Jiangyin Osaka, Guangdong Shichuang, Jiangmen Sifang, Shanghai Jinlitai, etc.

The company has a perfect R & D laboratory and r & D system. And equipped with high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, infrared scanner, pyrolysis instrument, high pressure experimental reactor and other advanced experimental equipment and experimental instruments, at the same time, has a number of deep research and development engineers in the field of resin coating for many years, achieved good results, and has its own patents more than 20.

At present, the company is in the stage of steady development, has plenty of space, the company is mainly the foreign capital enterprise staff are from the same resin industry, and the average working life of more than 10 years, in the product research and development, production management, process control, quality, stability, etc, in the same industry in a higher position, in recent years gradually come to the fore in the competition with foreign companies.

At the same time the company has advanced testing equipment, reliable production equipment, perfect quality control system, professional marketing team, in the fierce market competition has always been to "integrity, responsibility, the execution, learning, innovation, beyond" is the management guidelines, optimize product quality, determined to become a domestic and international high-quality coatings raw materials suppliers.


Since its inception focused on their own product research and development, marketing, technical support and after-sales service.

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